Polish Gifts in the UK

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Polish Gifts in the UK

Here at The Polish Hamper Co. we like to think that we have a wide range of gifts which are suitable for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day, Mothers day and other occasions throughout the year.

Gifts for a Polish Man

Polish men are usually very straight forward and like nothing more than a bottle of their favourite vodka like Soplica.  Other gifts include Aftershave or clothes.

Simple gifts like Chocolate Plums or our zlota wisnia can also be an excellent Polish gift.

Gifts for a Polish Woman

When buying gifts for polish friends or a polish woman it is usual to consider items like flowers, chocolates, sweets or wine.

When it comes to giving presents to Polish people there are some small things you should know. Polish people can get embarrassed when being spoilt or bought expensive items. 
When buying flowers it is important to not give yellow chrysanthemums. These are flowers only used for funerals.

Our small hampers like the Polish Nibbles Hamper can be made into an excellent personalised gift for your friend, colleague or loved on.

Visit our Hampers page for more information

Gifts for a Polish Child

Polish Children enjoy gifts like any other child does. Activity sets, Books like our Book Hans Christian Anderson or other children’s books are always well received.

Looking for Polish Novelty gifts, then why not try our Sir Williams Royal Tea Set or our Polish Pamper Hamper whish is perfect for the Polish woman whether it be your mum, girlfriend, wife or friend.

Don’t forget we are not the only company offering Polish gifts for sale in the UK.

There is some fantastic art at Etsy with Poland to England Maps or another recommendation is to visit Art Polish Pottery UK.

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