Celebrating Christmas in Poland…

Polish Christmas Hamper


How do we celebrate Christmas in Poland?

Christmas in Poland is a time for family, friends, reflection and tradition.

Here are some of the things you need to know when considering a Polish Christmas.

24th December – Christmas Eve is not a public holiday in Poland. Christmas Eve Dinner – kolacja wigilijna – is the most important Christmas celebration in Poland. Here is what to expect at this Christmas eve tradition:-

  1. Sharing wafer (oplatek) – Just before the dinner, family members share the wafer and wish all the best to each other.
  2. Hay on the table – This tradition is on the decline, but there still are families who put hay on the table covering it with the table cloth.
  3. An extra place set at the dinner table – It is an old tradition to set an extra place at the dinner table for an unexpected guest.
  4. 12 Meat Free courses – Expect a large dinner and feast consisting of 12 meat free courses, Mushroom Soup, Beetroot Soup, Trout are amongst the more common dishes served.

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25th December – Christmas Day, A public holiday in Poland. It is usual to visit family and friends to celebrate together, go to church, sing carols (kolędy) and have fun as a family.

Other traditions include:-

  1. Gift giving following Christmas dinner – One of the best loved Polish traditions. Traditionally, it Santa Claus who brings gift or, optionally, they are placed under the Christmas tree.

  2. Singing carols – Christmas carols are serious and religious in character, yet it is customary to sing them after dinner.

  3. Caroling on Christmas Eve – In some parts of Poland, especially in the countryside, there are groups of carolers going house to house, caroling or performing a short nativity play.

  4. Midnight Mass – At midnight following Christmas Eve many Poles attend the Midnight Mass to commemorate the prayers of shepherds on their way to Bethlehem.

  5. Christmas Days – Christmas Day and Boxing Day, known here as the First and the Second Day of Christmas, are traditionally spent with relatives, even if it means traveling long distances to visit them.

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