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Polish Christmas Hamper

Polish Christmas Hamper

Here at The Polish Hamper company we like to think we have you covered when it comes to Gift ideas for the Christmas Holiday and Festive period.  

But first let’s look at how Poland and the Polish community consider the Christmas Holiday….

Below are a selection of some of the most well known of the Polish Traditions:-

  • Nativity Plays – During the Christmas period, Children in schools will often take part in ‘Jaselka’ (Nativity Plays).  Here the Christmas story is often told with a modern day twist.
  • Religion – Poland is predominantly a Catholic country and as such Christmas Eve is a very important day.  Christmas Eve is also known as ‘Wigilia’
  • Family – Traditionally families get together during Christmas Eve and eat a large dinner/supper known as ‘Kolacja Wigilijna’ 
  • Food Traditions – At the Christmas Eve dinner, expect to see 12 dishes which are usually meat free. This is done with the intention of remembering the animals that took take of the baby Jesus in the manger.  For Catholics the 12 dishes symbolise Jesus’s 12 disciples. The 12 Food dishes will often include ‘barszcz’ (Beetroot soup), Mushroom Soup, Carp which is often the main dish within the meal.  Historically families would catch the carp in the days before and keep It live in the bath at home prior to preparing it for Christmas Eve.  ‘Bigos’, Herrings and a drink of ‘Kompot z Suszu’ are also popular. It is customary at the start of the meal to pass around an ‘Oplatek’ which everyone breaks off and says a Christmas greeting or what they hope and wish for in the coming year.  Some families will also put Hay under the table cloth. Our Polish Christmas Hamper UK is the perfect gift to accompany any traditional Christmas Eve supper
  • Togetherness – The Polish community also have been known to make an extra plate at the table for their Christmas Eve feast/supper.  Polish people say that no one should be alone or hungry at Christmas and the extra place is set for someone unexpected who may call at home. In some traditions this extra place also symbolises a lost or deceased relative or friend.
  • Christmas tree – Christmas trees are decorated shortly before Christmas. The decorations include glass balls, garlands, home-made ornaments and candles, with a star or a tree topper at the top.
  • Gift giving following Christmas dinner – One of the best loved Polish traditions. Traditionally, it Santa Claus who brings gifts, Here at the Polish Hamper Company we have you covered with a range of Polish Gifts which you can see on our Gifts page.  We also offer a Polish Christmas Hamper which is perfect for an individual or the family at Christmas time and can be found here Polish Christmas Hamper 
  • Pasterka – The last hour of Polish Christmas Eve. It’s a time when most Poles go to the midnight mass that lasts about 90 minutes. 








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