Gifts for Someone from Poland

Gift for someone from Poland

Gifts for someone from Poland

The Polish community remain traditional in the giving and receiving of gifts and if you are looking for gift ideas or traditional gifts for Polish friends, loved one, work colleague from Poland then you may be struggling to find something suitable.

Google research offers little in the way of UK based businesses who offer alternative or unique gift ideas which cater for Men, Women and Children from the Polish community.

So, we did a little research ourselves and this is why we found…..

One of our favourite items is the Britain to Poland Travel Poster available on the following website Britain to Poland Travel Poster

These are excellent quality, easily framed and make for an excellent British-Polish Gift.

We also found an Art Polish Pottery Shop with a beautiful range of polish Stoneware Pottery which is advertised as ‘Bolesławiec pottery’ and can be found here Polish Art Pottery

Here at The Polish Hamper Company we have a range of Gifts suitable for Someone from Poland.

We cater for a range of prices starting from around £5 with our Zlota Wisnia Chocolates right up to our Luxury Polish Hamper at £90.

We offer a range of themed Hampers & Gift Baskets which come with a personalised message in English or Polish and cater for a variety of the Traditional Polish Holidays including our Polish Mothers day Hamper.

Our Polish Pamper Hamper is the perfect to say ‘Kocham Cie’ to the woman that you love.

Another Polish Tradition and food favourite is ‘Miod’ or Honey as it is known in the UK.  This yellow treacle like sweet sticky treat is still used as medicine, sweetener and a delicacy in Poland….Honey Pots

Don’t forget, whatever the occasion, Here at The Polish Hamper Company we like to think that we have you covered.  So if you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact our office ever by phone or email Contact Us to discuss your exact requirements.

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