Polish Mothers Day Gifts

Polish Mothers Day Hamper

Polish Mothers Day

Mothers day in the UK usually falls on a Sunday and the date changes each year.  Mothers day in Poland is always celebrated on the 26th May.

It is believed to have first been celebrated in Krakow in the early 1900’s and is not a Public Holiday in Poland.

Mothers day has been celebrated on the same date every year since 1914-1923

Polish Mothers day is known as Dzien Matki in Poland.

So how is Mothers day celebrated in Poland?

Primary schools will often get children to make cards (Laurki)and paper tissue flowers or Polish gifts to take home to their mothers.  

Polish Fathers will purchase flowers, Polish Gift Baskets or other Polish gifts to say ‘dzienkuje’ or ‘Kocham Cie’

Poland remains a Traditional country and as such many of the ‘Household duties’ can fall to the Polish woman.  This celebration has grown in recent years with children and families taking the opportunity to say Thank you.

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